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Klaus P. Rausch designs, produces, markets fine acoustic, electronic instruments and sound effect sample libraries and VSTs since 1995. Bio here


Factory voicing: Sample instruments content and synthesizer sound Presets creation for musical instrument manufacturers with references Clavia Nordkeyboards, Hammond-Suzuki, Modartt Pianoteq, Tracktion, Alesis, KARO Sound and Korg, Sonic Reality, Steinberg, Arturia and more. Details


Online-Store with finest downloadable sample libraries and synthesizer sounds for the pro musician and music production facility. Go here


MI-Service: Writing fact books, magazine articles, owner's manual creation, translation service, video workshops, trade show booth attendance, instrument presentation, GUI concepts, sound research. More


Custom sounddesign for Pros, film soundtrack, computer animation, game. Contact


Music Production: Studio recording and live on stage. Audio demo track production for musical instrument manufacturers, for sound and sample libraries. Film soundtrack. Musical director, executive producer, songwriter, keyboardist (piano, synthesizer, rock organ). Info









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