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For many years I have been hired by musical instrument manufacturers for factory voicing. This includes presets and samples for hardware such as workstation keyboards and sample-based synthesizers, as well as their expansions and manufacturers' own download systems.


Besides the obligatory Analog Synthesis, I have special experience in the field of Frequency Modulation and Physical Model, as well as effects devices including special effect chain systems as known from traditional stompboxes.


I also record the specific instruments that are needed, after which they are further processed by in-house sound teams, also available as a complete package edited, mapped and made perfectly playable. I can source almost any instrument imaginable, as I have been working for years with a network of instrument owners and collectors as well as experienced technicians and recording studios and their engineer staff.


Within these fields of activity, I have to deal with musician-friendly control systems concept development, the preparation of sounds as virtual instruments, which have to be made usable via dynamics and real-time controls.


This work also includes detailed consulting for sound content compilation, efficient memory space calculation, smart Controller Assignment concepts.


You are such a manufacturer and would like to use my expertise for your new Workstation, software synthesizer, sample-based Keyboard? Then simply send your request by using the Contact Form here


Content on demand: dDirectly from the existing large and versatile archive as well as exclusive recordings and productions, perfectly matched to your new instruments.


OEM/ODM content & development: Sample instrument supply for internal memory of digital pianos and keyboards of all kinds, from professional to consumer products. Exclusive new production of customized content. Tailor-made concept based on an internationally legally compliant sample archive with complete proof of production. Consulting and concept development for new products and spin-offs. For content and developmemt details and requests, please contact me directly here


Role Models for physical modeling: Supplying audio samples as the basis for lively-sounding physical models. Immediately available instruments of all kinds from piano to didgeridoo, guitar to vintage synthesizer, wine glass to energy chimes.






Sample instruments development for Artiphon innovative products  like Orba 2 and Chorda among others. Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Bass, Guitar, World Instruments, various Handpans Drums and Percussion.


Released 2022, 2023



Presets for MOK Miniraze "Bob Moog Foundation" soundbank.


Released 2021



Sample instruments and recording productions for UVI. Acoustic and electric pianos, rare vintage keyboard instruments, also legendary vintage string ensembles for String Machines 2. Many instrument recordings and sample instruments supply for their Falcon engine powered software products and Key Suite Acoustic and Key Suite Electric.as well as World Suite 2.


Released 2018, 2019, 2020



Factory sample instruments content for KORG, Inc..instruments like Nautlisus and others: World instruments, synthetic layer multisample instruments, vintage keyboards, rare and unusual acoustic instruments, also ethnic percussion instruments and loops.


Released 2018, 2020, 2021



Synapse Minimoog software clone The Legend: Sound consulting Patch Chart licensing for factory content.


Released 2018



Factory voicing for the Tracktion DAW Waveform included sample-based synthesizer Collective. Nearly the entire sample instruments content from Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Clavinet, acoustic and electric Guitar, Bass, Orchestrals, Ethnic Instruments to Choirs, Brass, Organ, Chromatic Instruments, Woodwinds and Drum & Percussion Kits. Making of many Presets for their f'.em Synthesizer.


Released 2017, 2021



Factory voicing for Sugar Bytes FM-Synthesizer Aparillo.


Released 2017



Sample supply for Hammond-Suzuki instruments. Internal factory content and downloadable add-on packages Matrix 12, Power Synth Stacks, Orchestral Strings, Layer Synths, Ethnic Plucked Instruments, Acoustic Guitars.


Released 2014, 2015, 2016, 2019, 2021



Clavia Nordkeyboards. The entire Fairlight project, Sonatina orchestral instruments data editing process and multisample instruments creation, most of the Vintage Keys downloadable sample library from Matrix 12 to Yamaha GS1. Also World Instruments, Brass Sections, Electric Bass and many more. Nord Stage, Electro and Wave 2 internal ROM sample content with numerous instruments.


Released 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018, 2020



Modartt Pianoteq: Audio models for Hohner Electra-piano, Pianet N and T including Presets programming and demonstration audio tracks production. The "Klaus P. Rausch Collection" factory content and nearly the complete Effects section Presets settings for all instruments. Preset programming of the Pianoteq 8 Wurlitzer model..


Released 2013, 2015, 2016, 2022



MOTU Bob Moog Foundation Encore: Sample instruments content development.


Released 2016



Korg w/KARO: In cooperation with both companies I've developed and produced the EXs66 sample library with Presets for Korg Kronos music workstation. The content provides the 10 Korg vintage instruments PS3100, Delta, Lambda, PE2000, Symphony O3, SG-1D, Poly 800, EPS-1 and PS3200.


Released 2013



Stroke Machine by Franke Music: An iOS App developed by Wolfram Franke, available through Apple's app-store. I provided over 300 handpicked Drum and Percussion samples for the internal factory content.


Released 2013



Steinberg/Yamaha: Multisample instrument content for HALion and more.


Released 2011



Hollow Sun: Novachord Presets factory voicing.


Released 2010



IK Multimedia USA with Sonic Reality: Multisample instruments content for SampleMoog,


Released 2009



Devine Machine OTR88: Presets for their factory voicing.


Released 2009



eSoundz: Orchestral samples for their Cinema Symphonic Effects.


Releasd 2008



More factory voicing content:

Steinberg Cubase 5 (2008)

Creamware Minimax ASB (2006)

Creamware Pro-12 ASB (2006)

Steinberg HALion One (2006)

Pro Sound PS-1 (2006)

Alesis Fusion (2005)

LinPlug SaxLab (2004)

Soundburst Ethnosphere (2004)

Muse Research Receptor (2004)

Arturia MinimoogV (2004)

Dashsignature EVE (2004)

Image Line Sytrus (2004)

VirSyn Cube (2004)

Alesis Ion (2003)

IK Multimedia w/Sonic Reality Sonic Synth (2003)

Dashsignature daAlpha (2003)

Image Line Producer Tools (2003)

Image Line European Folk Instruments (2003)

Dashsignature EMM Knagalis (2003)

Elektron Machinedrum (2002)

Sonic Reality World Traveler (2002)

Alesis Andromeda A6 (2001)

Apple/Emagic EXS24 (2001)

Akai Producer Tools (2000)

Elektron SidStation (1998)

Korg Z1 (1998)

Korg Wavestation AD (1997)

Masterbits RAPsody (1994)

Masterbits Tekkno Trax (1994)

Masterbits Dance Trax (1994)

Masterbits DX Classics (1994)

KK Pro Korg 01/WFD (1991)

KK Pro Roland D70 (1991)

KK Pro Roland U220 (1990)

and more.







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