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I'm writing books and articles about musical instruments history, tutorials for specific instruments, workshops and product reviews for online magazines. References: Die DX Story (german language), My Fusion Secrets, Minimoog Patch Charts Book, DX7 Fibel V.3, magazine reviews of Yamaha Montage, Korg Kronos, Clavia A1, Korg SV1, Roland V-Piano, Arturia Origin, Roger Linn LinnStrument, Fairlight CMI IIx, Moog Memorymoog, The 100 best Stompboxes for Keyboards, The Workstation Story, and many articles more. In total I released 200+ articles and workshops and 6 books, 15 owners manuals incl. translation english to german language.


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DX Story


The DX Story is a book that tells the story of the Yamaha DX Synthesizer generation. Available in the languages English and German.


About the content: Frequency Modulation as the magic formula for the sound of the 80s. With just three letters, the Japanese instrument manufacturer Yamaha makes music history in the early 80s: The DX7 is launched. A keyboard instrument with a completely new sound aesthetic. The magic word is FM Synthesis, invented by Dr. John M. Chowning at Stanford University in California. This book tells the exciting story of the DX7, from the very beginning. How the inventor discovered FM synthesis rather by chance, researched it and was initially rebuffed by the industry. And then finally finds a competent partner in Yamaha. Together they tinker and develop, many prototypes are necessary, until finally the original DX7 is constructed. This changes the modern music landscape practically overnight, because the typical FM sounds are the trademark of many successful productions of the 80s.


The English  language version of this book can be purchased here . Also availble via worldwide book distributor chains and your local book store.


The German language version of this book can be purchased here . Also availble via worldwide book distributor chains and your local book store.


Find out more on the DX Story page here . This page is also the perfect landing page for every DX7 owner and provides direct links to my German language DX generation instrumants articles published at Amazona musicians magazine as well as over 40 best-of website links to sound sources, manuals, tutorials, video clips.





Sample This!

Third Edition


This English language book is a comprehensive tutorial all about sampling. How to record the samples, how to handle them properly in the audio editor, how to prepare them so you can play them like a musical instrument and much more.


The A-Z of sampling, a kind of standard work of this subject and written by me in collaboration with British author Simon Cann.


The book is currently out of print.







My Fusion Secrets


The English language book for every Alesis Fusion owner. It starts where the manual leaves off and is a reliable companion for everything related to this powerful workstation.


Included is a sample library and numerous sound presets.


More details and how to order the book including the sample library and Program Presets soundbanks here








Minimoog Classics Patch Charts 2.0


The Minimoog Patch Charts 2.0 are available for the original instrument as well as for all clones and those that have a design very similar to the Minimoog. Over 100 patch charts provide exactly the sounds that have made the instrument a legend, making it the ideal English-language reference work for anyone who needs such sounds for their music.


There are also countless modification hints and suggestions for further individualization of the sonic ideas.


Some manufacturers of MM clones have licensed these patch charts as a template for their own creations.


More details and how to order the book including the Audio Tracks here







Die DX7 Fibel V.3


A German language jump start for any owner of the legendary Yamaha DX7 FM synthesizer.


It starts where the manual ends and immediately allows the reader to create their own sounds. Written in easy-to-understand and musician-friendly language, the book guides you through the various topics related to all sound categories. The first edition was published back in 1985 and is currently available as an advanced and greatly improved version 3.


It comes with a soundbank of brand new presets.


More details and how to order the book including the Presets soundbank here






Reviews, Stories, Articles, Workshops & Tutorials




For many years I have been writing technical articles for musician magazines, including reviews, vintage keys stories and workshop tutorials. By now, more than 200 articles have been published by me.





Reviews (selection)


Yamaha Montage, Moog Voyager, Korg Kronos, Casio XW-P1, Roland Jupiter 80, Korg SV1, Arturia Origin, Korg microSampler, Roland V-Piano, Sequential Prophet 6, Clavia A1, LinnStrument, Dexibell Combo J7, Electro Harmonix Mel9, Lync LNK1000, Fatar MK88, Miditemp MP44, Roland D20, Yamaha DS55.


Published by German language Magazines Amazona, Keyboards, Soundcheck, Keys.






Articles and Stories (selection)


Report Musikmesse and NAMM Show, Workstation Story, Best of Stompbox for Keyboards, Vintage Keys Specials about Mellotron, Fairlight CMI, Moog Memorymoog, Yamaha 6 OP FM Synthesizers, Yamaha 4 OP FM Synthesizers, Yamaha SY77/SY99, Yamaha DX7 Centennial, Korg 900PS, Akai S-Sampler series, LinnDrum, Market Report Keyboard Stands, Keyboard Legend Series > Rick Wright, Isao Tomita, Jon Lord, Keith Emerson, George Duke, Interview Series > John Bowen, Chris Dale, Sally Sparks, Dave Kerzner, Bernd Kistenmacher, Erik Norlander, Sevan Gökoglu, MPE Special > Roli Seaboard, Haken Continuum, LinnStrument, MIDI Controller, Second Hand Market Research series Keyboards-Börse.


Published by Amazona, Keyboards, Keys.




Workshops & Tutorials (selection)


Modern Sampling series 1 to 5, Organ sound workshop, Piano sounds for Stage, Yamaha Montage tutorial, Sound Spotlight series 1 to 3, Stompbox Workshop for Synthesizer 1 to 4,


Published by Amazona.






Owners Manuals, Translations




Owners Manuals and Translations (selection)


Conception of user manuals, also translations from English into German.




Alesis Wedge, Alesis QS Synthesizer series, Alesis NanoSynth, Alesis Power Amplifiers Matica 500/900, Alesis Studio 32 Mixing Console, Alesis MidiVerb 4, Alesis DM5, Alesis QuadraVer Q2, Alesis QuadraSynth, Alesis S2, Mackie 1202 Mixer, ATM Midi Bass Pedal, Pyramix Harddisk Recording System.









Product Audio Demonstration


I have composed, recorded, produced and released 300+ Audio Demonstration Tracks for Korg Kronos, Alesis Fusion, Yamaha Montage, Native Instruments Kontakt sample libraries, Minimoog and Minimoog Clones, Roland JD800, Modartt Pianoteq, Creamware, KK Pro, Muse Research Receptor, Emu Systems Vintage Keys, Roland V-Piano, Korg SV1, Korg T1 and M1, Korg Trinity, Clavia Nord Stage and Electro, Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones, Hollow Sun Novachord, Creamware Minimax ASB and many more.



Shows and Seminars


Product presentation and magazine reports on Shows like International Musikmesse Frankfurt/Main (Germany). References: Alesis, Modartt Pianoteq, Amazona, Soundcheck, Casio, Tomeso, Soundware.






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