Live Music and Studio Production

I am a classically trained Pianist and also play Synthesizer, Rock Organ, acoustic and electric Guitar.


You can book me for the original music performing Live Band, Studio Recordings, Film Soundtrack Work, Artist Collaborations, Commercials, Special Effects creation, Contractual Audio Productions.




Milo’s Craving, my solo Max Dawson Project, Helio.Gen, Deluxe, Stairway, Sisiphus, Nightmare Patrol, Tango and Tango –reloaded-, John Lawton Group, Yippie Yeah, Juke Box Hero -performing the music of Foreigner-, Jeffrey Lynch, Victoria Trolle Herms, Gunter Jacobus, Peter Grandl, Amazona Musicians Magazine, Tomeso, Arturia, Pianoteq, Hollow Sun, Muse Research, Clavia Nordkeyboards, Jeff Rona, Rob Stewart, Saatchi & Saatchi, Musik Media Verlag, Masterbits, KK Pro, Miss U, Eckes, Mike Priebe, Highstreet Family, Frank Torchala, Afrodisia, Gundolf Bauss, Atrium, Ronald Kaupp, Sony Ericsson, Tracktion.


Also, countless Artists, Film and Animation creators collaborations, recording and live session, Musical Instruments and Products demonstrations, magazine product review audio tracks, musical workshops and tutorial audio productions.



Discographie and public releases (selection) below.




Max Dawson Project


Lepleja Soundtrack


Concept album, 11 chapters, total length 36:25 minutes.

Available also as 1 single track in one-go.

Released 2014


Preview: entire album on youtube playlist here



Lepleja Soundtrack is the music for the psycho-active sci-fi novel by Kathrin Elfman. In the form of chapters, eleven important individual scenes are set to music, creating a self-contained concept album. As a bonus track, all of this is also available in one-go with no interruption between tracks. And to illustrate, all eleven tracks have also been released as a video.

And that, in a few words, is the story of Lepleja:


At Frankfurt's Institute for Cryostasis and Quantum Neuroscience IfK-Q, scientists Gray, Zack, Arièle and Anne are developing a technique to extract and modulate consciousness from the brain. The key is an implant in the frontal lobe. It converts the energy of the brain waves into reality variants that seem absolutely real.


Of course, IfK-Q is commercially evaluating the technology. "Your dream is our command! Become the creator and creature of a world that corresponds to your personal wishes down to the last detail!" This is the offer of the company PVM Personal Vacation Multiservice. Hundreds of thousands of customers book the trip - and return to the here and now with puzzling symptoms of illness. They can no longer find their way around, age rapidly, and suffer from perceptual disorders. Houses suddenly look different, people and streets disappear, landscapes deform. Or?


Wrong: It is not the customers who go crazy, but reality that becomes psychotic! IfK-Q's experiments create feedback effects that generate 5-D paradoxes and shred reality.


Gray, Zack, Arièle and Anne get to the bottom of it and must realize that their invention at IfK-Q is eating backwards through time, on and on, millennium after millennium, turning reality into a dreamscape. A phantasmagoria that serves as a mental prison for the entire population of the world. There is only one way out, back to the beginning of time - and through LEPLEJA.




Milo's Craving


The more you know


Concept album, 8 tracks, total length 61:27 minutes

Released 2007


Preview: entire album on youtube playlist here



For the project Milo's Craving I worked as executive producer and keyboardist on Kathrin Elfman's debut album "The more you know". It was recorded and performed with wonderful musician colleagues, written and sung by Kathrin Elfman. For all songs I helped with the arrangement, for some also compositionally, The title "Time Machine" was written by me alone. The total playing time of the CD is 61:27 minutes and a 24-page booklet with lyrics is included.




Max Dawson Project




Concept album: 3 tracks, total length 66:54 minutes

Released 2015


Preview: two tracks from the album in their video version here and here



This instrumental concept album is inspired by the three rivers Rhine, Main and Guardian. All three tracks are recorded live in one go, no overdubs. There are also videos for the first two tracks, each recorded during a trip on a cargo ship on the Rhine and Main.








Concept double album: 6 tracks, total length 96:16 minutes

Released 2013


Preview: entire double album video version playlist here



As a trio in the style of the Berlin School, Axel Jungkunst, Klaus P. Rausch and Björn Morgenstern have made several live sessions in Düsseldorf and Bielefeld, mainly based on improvisations. The sessions were always recorded, from these six successful tracks were compiled on this album.  Videos were published for them, the pictures were provided by Thomas Mang.






Blue Circle


Concept album, 7 tracks, total length 31:23 minutes

Released 1999


Preview: entire album playlist here



The concept album Blue Circle is based on the theories of numerical mysticism and Kabbalah. All tracks were composed and produced by me, including the lyrics. The vocals were contributed by Kathrin Elfman and Janett De Lara. I also recorded all the instruments, but some of the basses are by Robbie Mariano, whose voice can also be heard in the interlude of What's Your Number.




Max Dawson Project




Album, instrumental, 9 Tracks, total length 48:52 minutes

Released 1996


Preview: entire album playlist here



During the 80's and 90's home recording was one of my musical activities, creating many demo tracks for bands and individual artists I worked with at the time. Among them were instrumentals that were suitable as a basis for my solo projects, and for Skylines I selected some of them.




Max Dawson Project


Turmschatten Soundtrack


Single, concept composition based on the character Marie, length 8:10 minutes

Released 2016/2020


Preview here



Turmschatten is a political thriller by Peter Grandl, for which several composers have released soundtracks. These audio tracks are each based on a character of the protagonists, mine refers to the multifaceted Marie and is classically structured in scenes and makes use of central leitmotifs in the presentation.




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